About Me

Hello, I am Priscilla Saarah. I am an international student from Ghana and an undergraduate student(rising junior) at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am majoring in biology with minors in computer science and chemistry. For this summer, I am working with Professor Chad Jenkins and a few other undergraduates and graduates on a project that covers robotics education for first year undergraduates that features early exposure to AI and planning algorithms.

About My Mentor

I am a member of the team of Professor Odest Chadwicke Jenkins (Chad Jenkins for short). He is a faculty in Computer Science at the University of Michigan and also the Associate Director of the Michigan Robotics Institute. His research interests are particularly focused on how we can teach robots from human demonstration. The link below goes to some videos of his research work. Youtube

About My Project

Our project is a robotics education project. It will explore ways to teach building of an omni-drive robot platform and its autonomous pathfinding to first-year undergraduates. We are working on developing ROB 102 and ROB 103 which are first year robotics courses for the University of Michigan. Some members of my team work more on the platform end, and the others (including myself) work more on programming for pathfinding.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog